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Variable Assist™


Product Description

The Tamarack Variable Assist™ allows the practitioner to adjust the assist moments of the 742-L and 742-P joints to any value from zero to nearly three times what is possible with standard installation. All Tamarack Variable Assist™ kits include joints, molding dummies, Shearban® cosmetic patches, stainless steel mounting hardware, a check strap, and hex key. NOTE: Whenever appropriate, a Tamarack Variable Assist™ unit on one side of an orthosis (medial or lateral) may be matched with a standard dorsiflexion assist mounting or a free motion flexure. Variable Assist mounting hardware may be used at both ends of each motion assist flexure joint (742 series) to create a double wide range of motion adjustability. This may be useful for knee and elbow contracture applications.


Model 743 Variable Assist Order Chart

Order No.





X=1"(25mm) Y=2.4"(60mm) Z=.45"(11mm)



X=.72"(18mm) Y=1.7"(43mm) Z=.34"(9mm)


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