Triple Action


In 1964 Becker Orthopedic introduced the Double Action ankle joint. The Double Action
ankle joint has been adopted internationally and has become a standard means of managing
lower extremity foot and ankle biomechanics.

Becker Orthopedic now introduces the Triple Action® ankle joint.

Like the Double Action this new and innovative component has high stiffness in the coronal
and transverse planes, intended for individuals with neuromuscular pathologies the increased
range of adjustability coupled with an indpendent alignment feature allows the clinician to optimize biomechanical control of lower extremity joint segments through all phases of the gait cycle.

An alignment and fitting protocol has been developed for the Triple Action® ankle joint; this will allow clinicians to optimize joint alignment, torque and range of motion settings and by doing so improve clinical outcomes and performance.



Triple Action®

The Triple Action stance/swing control ankle joint provides independent adjustment features that correspond to the phases of the gait cycle, while also providing simplification and optimization of alignment and range-of-motion.







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