Introduction to SpineCor®

SpineCor is a dynamic system that utilizes postural re-education to change spinal shape and loading. It is available in three models: the Pediatric SpineCor Brace for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis, the SpineCor Pain Relief Back Brace for adults, and the new SpineCor Comfort Plus brace for both pediatiric and adult applications. Becker Orthopedic and the Spine Corporation require all certified orthotists to participate in a SpineCor Addreditation Training Program before utilizing the products. Becker Orthopedic is the exclusive distributor of SpineCor in the United States.


SpineCor® Training:


Phase 0 - Online Training

The online modules below are prerequisites to on-site training for the SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace and the Adult Pain Relief Back Brace.  Please click one of the links below to request a link to one of our new online training modules.

Note: Completion of these modules does not qualify you to provide/fit or order SpineCor braces.

Pediatric Dynamic Corrective Brace Online Training: 4.0 CEUs

  • SpineCor  Primer – Introduction to SpineCor Scoliosis Treatmnet
  • SpineCor Phase 0 – Mandatory Modules

Adult Pain Relief Back Brace Online Training: 2.5 CEUs

  • SpineCor Phase 0 – Mandatory Modules

Phase 1-2 - Onsite Training

Pediatric Dynamic Corrective Brace Training Information

Adult Pain Relief Back Brace Training Information





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