Our History


Becker Orthopedic began as the Otto K. Becker Company in Huntington, West Virginia in 1933. Otto Becker was a mechanical engineer educated in Essen, Germany. In Huntington, Otto met William Jahnig, who taught him how to make braces and artificial limbs. In 1933, he decided to open his own patient care facility across town. By 1941, he opened a second office located in Detroit, Michigan. The first Becker Catalog appeared in 1941 and offered what is now known as central fabrication for a wide variety of lower limb and spinal braces. In 1944 Otto sold his Huntington office, moved everything to his Detroit facility, and renamed the business Becker Manufacturing Company. By that time, he had begun to design and produce component parts for sale to other O & P facilities. 1946 saw the final name change to the company: Becker Orthopedic Appliance Company, and it was moved to Birmingham, Michigan.

Over the next several years, more of his efforts were devoted to the design and manufacture of precision brace parts. By the mid 1950’s he had developed a complete line of knee, hip and ankle joints and continued to provide central fabrication services. In December 1960, Otto K. Becker unexpectedly passed away at the age of 52, leaving his wife, Lucille M. Becker, to assume the presidency and to continue the commitment to excellence he established. During her 20 years as President, the company introduced many innovative designs including the double action ankle joint and modified ring lock knee joint. In 1980 her youngest son, Rudolf B. Becker III, the current President and CEO, assumed responsibility for the company.

Becker Orthopedic has experienced rapid growth in the last two decades and has become a leading supplier of orthotic componentry throughout the world. In 1986 Becker Metal Works, a company that produces investment castings, was founded. This sister company allows Becker Orthopedic to receive the highest quality raw materials, rapid delivery, and a number of other economies. In 1997, Becker Orthopedic acquired Oregon Orthotic Systems, now known as Becker Oregon, because of their innovative approach to orthotics. Presently, Becker Orthopedic components are available in over fifty countries through an established network of international distributors. However, the company has not lost sight of its roots and continues to operate six patient care offices throughout metropolitan Detroit. These facilities give Becker Orthopedic a unique insight into the challenges facing practitioners today.

The company remains a family business owned by Rudolf B. Becker III, President and CEO, and his sister, Ingrid B. Haughton. Rudolf’s oldest son, Christian Rudolf, joined the company in June of 1999 and is currently Vice President of Marketing and IT. Thomas, Rudolf’s youngest son, began working for the company in the Fall of 2003 and is currently the Director of Sales.


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