Becker Orthopedic Patient Care provides outstanding, personalized care and service in combination with cost effective, high-quality products to ensure that each patient achieves maximum independence, mobility, and quality of life. All of our patient care facilities are fully accredited and our clinical staff members are certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics (ABC) or Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC). ABC/BOC certification, facility accreditation, and mandatory continuing education programs represent the profession's highest quality standards.
Our dedicated team of certified practitioners provides a comprehensive range of orthotic, prosthetic, and pedorthic services and is committed to excellence in clinical care and ongoing education. We are also a National Commission for Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE)-accredited residency training site. Becker Orthopedic Patient Care maintains four facilities located throughout southeast Michigan.




  • Pre-surgical consultation
  • Post-surgical/pre-prosthetic management
  • Prosthetic fitting, treatment planning, and rehabilitation
  • Lower-limb prosthetic management:
    • Microprocessor knees and ankles
    • Vacuum-assisted socket design
    • Sports prostheses
    • Cosmetic Covers
  • Upper-Limb prosthetic management:
    • Body-powered and myoelectric limbs
    • Partial-hand prostheses
    • Activity-specific prostheses and terminal devices
    • Cosmetic covers



Patients are accepted with a physician's referral and prescription. Our staff is available for consultation with the physician at any time and will work with physicians to help determine the most appropriate device for the patient. To schedule an appointment or discuss a patient, please call us during normal business hours. We are also available on weekends for emergency services.




  • Custom fit and off-the-shelf orthotic devices
  • Design, fabrication, and fitting of custom and prefabricated orthotic devices
  • Biomechanical and clinical evaluation
  • Education and follow-up care
  • Lower-limb: Stance control KAFOs, AFOs, FES
  • Upper-limb: MyoPro® powered elbow orthosis, fracture management
  • Spinal: Post-operative bracing, idiopathic and neuromuscular scoliosis
  • Pediatrics: Cranial remolding orthoses, noninvasive Halos, Cascade DAFO®
  • Cervical collars, CTOs, Halos
  • Contracture management
  • Diabetic shoes
  • Custom-molded and pre-molded foot orthoses for diabetic or athletic applications
  • Custom, custom-molded, and post surgical shoes


Our patients receive a detailed education on the use and care of their device, along with information on personal care, hygiene, exercise and activities. Questions regarding design, fabrication, and function of the device are encouraged and fully addressed by our staff. In addition, patients are provided with information to help them cope with and understand their rehabilitation program and its challenges.



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In Henry Ford Hosptial

2799 West Grand Boulevard

Suite E-1225

Detroit, MI 48202

Phone: (313) 916-2201

Fax: (313) 916-9491




Rachel Katner, CO

Beatrice Janka, CPO

Steven Shade, BOCO


Grand Blanc

Genesys Orhotics and Prosthetics

2598 Genesys Parkway

Grand Blanc, MI 48439

Phone:(810) 606-6570

Fax: (810) 606-6571



Dave Williams, CO

Gillian Campbell, CP

Thomas Bovee (Board Eligible Orthotist)

David Rice, CO




28801 Woodward Avenue

Berkley, MI 48072

Phone: (248) 399-0030

Fax: (248) 399-0031



Craig Boyles, CO

Bob Bacon, CP

Rachel Katner, CO

Jennifer Morales, CFom




4800 Highland Road
Suite 1

Waterford, MI 48328

Phone: (248) 674-9600

Fax: (248) 674-9603



Adam Heidel, CPO

Ashley Grace, COA

Teresa Ahlfield, CFom





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