SpineCor® is a dynamic system that utilizes postural re-education to change spinal shape and loading. It is currently available in two models: The original Pediatric Dynamic Corrective Brace for the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis and the new Comfort Plus Brace for both pediatrics and adults.

SpineCor Tech-Assist Training for Adult Brace

This new training option for the SpineCor Adult Comfort Plus Brace significantly reduces the training requirements for certified orthotists to learn how to apply SpineCor to their adult scoliosis and hyperkyphosis patients.

Once trained, orthotists will utilize the Tech-Assist Portal on the Becker Website to submit patient photos, x-rays and measurements for evaluation by the Tech-Assist Team to determine the appropriate SpineCor brace configuration for each patient.

All training is performed online through a web-based training module and a one-on-one live training session with a SpineCor Trainer via Skype.


Certified orthotists who wish to treat patients with either of the SpineCor pediatric brace models must participate in a SpineCor Accreditation Training Program before utilizing the products.