The PreStride is an evaluation tool that may be used in combination with a physical examination to assess candidacy for Stride stance control orthotic management. The PreStride is a modular and fully adjustable stance control KAFO that may be fitted to most adults who are between 5'2" and 6'2" in height. The overall height of the orthosis is easily adjusted by releasing the spring loaded knobs located on the medial and lateral uprights. Calf and thigh bands are also easily adjusted for varying A-P depths. The PreStride, Model 9007, comes with FullStride™ stance control knee joints and an optional GX-Assist unit to accommodate individuals with significant weakness of hip musculature. The GX-Assist uses a pneumatic spring to assist in knee extension by mimicking the swing phase function of the quadriceps muscle group. Model 9007 also offers interchangeability with the SafetyStride™ stance control knee joint (sold separately), which has the ability of resisting knee flexion at any angle and does not require full 180° knee extension in order to lock. An additional advantage of the PreStride is that it may be used as an effective gait training tool during rehabilitation.

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